Andrew Finlay Stewart

Andrew Finlay Stewart is an artist and curator based in Tkaronto/Toronto. He holds a BFA from OCAD University, and has shown nationally and internationally, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and Toronto's Nuit Blanche and Luminato festivals. He is the lead art curator in the team that produces the Toronto Long Winter series of community-based interdisciplinary art and music festivals. He frequently works in site-specific video and installation.


Chris Dufour

Chris Dufour is a visual artist living and working on unceded and occupied Coast Salish territories (Victoria, BC). Spatial installations, urban geography, and the process of queering informs Christopher’s practice to confront issues of masculinity, gendered norms, and resource extraction. Within and between projects, Chris watches the moon and sun colour the sky yellow and patiently waits to give passing dogs all of their attention. 


George Rahi

George Rahi is a composer and sound artist based in Vancouver. He uses self-created & altered instruments as a method of exploring new relationships between sound, space, technology, and listening. Drawn to the tactile, mechanical, and sculptural realms of sound, his artistic works are frequently realized as large-scale installations, electro-acoustic compositions, and works for radio, theatre, and public spaces, notably for the Canadian Music Centre, Vancouver New Music, SPEKTRUM (Berlin), Fusebox Festival (Austin), Global
Composition (Darmstadt), and Insitu Recordings (Indonesia). He holds an MFA degree from Simon Fraser’s School for the Contemporary Arts and is the recipient of the 2018 R. Murray Schafer Soundscape award for his work in sound installation.


Iris Moore

Iris Moore is an artist and animator living in Victoria BC. She loves using her art to awaken whimsy and wonder, and to tickle forgotten corners of the imagination.



Artisan Emma

Artisan Emma is a Commercial Drive, Vancouver local painter and textile artist. Born with rambling hands and imagination, she paints dream like visions inspired and collected through experience past. A visual voice of time and emotion, the Earth and her oceans. A story told, shining light upon events untold. Conservation of the sacred wild, and protection of the vital land.


Collin Elder

"Most of my work explores various themes concerning the human condition through our relationship with the animal form and the landscapes we inhabit. My work intends to look at the disquieting themes of environmental devastation, the clash of unhinged modernity with evolved biology, and how we relate to the landscape and the past, with hopes of shifting our current anthropocentric vantage-point. Rendered with oil paint on canvas/wood, graphite/charcoal on paper and sometimes murals, these themes are realized by a collation of vivid and surreal visual narratives and a combination of symbolism and landscape. I tend to implore the viewer to question the status quo and the progress of the human enterprise, by balancing our modern mental concepts with our bodily awareness of the natural world."


Kay Gallivan

Kay Gallivan is a multidisciplinary artist from Lkwungen Territory, BC. Her art often features local biodiversity, community collaborations, and psychedelic colour schemes. She does art to heal herself.


Laura Bonnie

Laura Bonnie is a painter and illustrator  based out of Victoria BC. Her work takes a whimsical approach to figurative painting, often exploring the visual intersection of fantasy and reality. In 2018 she founded North Park Art Studio, where she currently teaches art classes and workshops to various ages and enjoys sharing the creative process. Frequent subjects in Laura’s work iinclude animals, story scenes, portraits, and all manner of dream imagery.


Lydia Beauregard

Lydia Beauregard is a freelance illustrator and painter in Victoria, BC. She uses juxtaposition of light and dark, bold and soft, black and white to express emotion and evoke feeling. Now moving away from strictly pencil works, she's expanded her audience with the help of large-scale murals and hopes to keep pushing her own limits, as she believes art to be about constant evolution, learning, and sharing. Her aim is to collaborate as often as possible, seeking and creating community through art.


Thurston Denton-Kadlubowski

Thurston enjoys the portrayal of architecture and  landscapes, connecting history and design through the medium of pen and ink.  Currently residing and creating in Victoria, BC.