CBMF is a volunteer-run festival and we need your help to make it happen. Please consider signing up do to some volunteer work for us. It is scientifically proven that volunteers have more fun than regular festival-goers.


Because we need your help!

Because you get delicious free food all weekend long!!!

Because it’ll be fun…

Really, there is no reason not to volunteer.

We are now accepting volunteer applications for 2018! Read through the committee descriptions below, then click here to fill out the the application form. The deadline to apply is May 15th, 2018 but the earlier you apply, the more likely you are to get your top picks!

2018 Campbell Bay Music Festival Volunteer Opportunities:

Staff the zone selling local beer and cider. Should be fast and friendly, and must be 19+ and have a Serving It Right license.

Camping / Parking
This friendly committee looks after organizing cars as they come in, and helping folks find spots to pitch their tents.

We need reliable folks who are down for whatever we throw at you! You’ll be part of a crew that we can rely on to jump in and fill gaps in just about any committee, or take on jobs we haven’t even imagined yet.

As a gate volunteer, you will be the first person guests meet when they arrive on the festival grounds. You will work in teams and greet people, exchange tickets for wristbands, orient them to the grounds, guide them towards the camping / parking folks, and answer any questions that they have.

Kitchen Helpers
This team helps prep, cook and serve food, and cleans up after mealtimes. We’ll be feeding performers and volunteers on Friday and Saturday evening and Saturday and Sunday morning, as well as some lunch and late-night food. This is a big committee!

Medical Tent 
Seeking folks with first aid or medical training who can act as first responders if necessary!

This team staffs the merch booth! Selling performer records and shirts, and festival shirts and memorabilia. Helping folks find artist mailing lists. Under cover.

Volunteer Security
A peaceful presence of folks in bright, identifiable shirts, who work in tandem with our professional security team to have an eye on the site. Looking for people with great communication skills who are comfortable with late-night shifts.

Setup / Strike
Build it up, tear it down! We need your muscle and your wits for long days before and after the fest, and you get to take the whole festival off. Must commit to being available for daytime shifts on Thursday before the festival, and Sunday and Monday after the festival.

Maintenance, cleanup, garbage collection / organizing recycling stations, and more! Building things, digging things, carrying things. Fun, mobile work.

Click here to apply now!

kitchen volunteers
Photo by Steph Wetherell 2015