Visual Artists

2016 Visual Artists


Annalee Kornelsen has been a devoted artist her whole life. Self directed from a very early age, she is driven by a love of movement, expression and visible emotion, to create works of art that strike directly at the heart and go beyond what can be described by words alone.

She works primarily in acrylics and and line drawings and explores this theme through use of abstract shapes and colour in contrast with greyscale portraiture.


dave_lasloDAVE LASLO

Dave Laslo is a Vancouver based artist that paints, draws, and sculpts detailed characters and artifacts from a hallucinatory world.





David is an artist who plays with the ideas of permanence and temporality. His recent work connects the gestures and emotion and how a place can dictate our unknown future. Raised homeschooled “in the sticks” and now in a town of 250 people has secluded David to his own devices. This identity has moulded his state of being and inevitably propelled him into imaginative and instinctual illustrations that are telling of his rural reality.




Eden Cooke is a Vancouver based illustrator.  She’s heavily inspired by Scandinavian Folklore and Urban Fantasy, and can’t resist including a strong female figure.  She also collects insects and vintage children’s books.



Fraea is an avid print maker and illustrator from Victoria B.C, where she runs and operates Foxtail Inkworks and Printery. Silk screening and painting on up-cycled materials, Fraea dawns her drawn creatures, animals and intricate anatomy upon cloth, canvas, wooden boards and other found objects.




Julia Iredale is a Vancouver based artist and illustrator, originally from Campbell Bay on Mayne Island. She is a recent graduate from Emily Carr University, and now lives and works in East Vancouver. She is super excited to be the organizing force behind the new Visual Arts program at Campbell Bay Music Festival, and is looking forward to all the wonderful things we will create together!



lauramcintoshLAURA MCINTOSH

Laura Bonnie McIntosh (BFA, Emily Carr University) is a Vancouver based artist and illustrator with a taste for paint and an appetite for whimsy. Frequent subjects include animals, the fantastical, story scenes, portraits and all manner of dream imagery. Reveling in paints formal qualities and indulging a fascination with symbolism, she works with figurative elements and aims to offer up surreal realms for your brain to picnic in.


Tin Can Studio is a mobile project space housed in a vintage Streamline trailer, co-run by Vancouver-based artists Caroline Ballhorn and Jenny Lee Craig. Their fully mobile portable studio has been designed to transform to accommodate a variety of creative activities, and acts as a incubator, a hub, and an event space. For the Campbell Bay Music festival, Tin Can Studio will be hosting a Shibori inspired resist dying workshop!

A $15 material fee for the dyeing workshop covers two metres of organic cotton to create something beautiful and beachy out of. Space is limited to 40 participants, preregistration is available here:

Shibori-inspired resist dying at Campbell Bay Music Fest!