YouTube playlist of 2017 CBMF Artists


Citizen Jane is a female indie chamber-folk duo, whose songs deliver poetic stories through interweaving vocals and stringed instruments. Reenie Perkovic (vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Lea Kirstein (viola, fiddle, cello, vocals) blend the soulful melodies and introspective lyricism of alternative pop music with the instrumentation and layered rhythmic drive of contemporary folk.



Cuddle Magic is an avant-pop band located between Brooklyn and Philadelphia. The band’s latest LP, Ashes/Axis, out now on Northern Spy, sees Cuddle Magic “dive into the pop side of chamber pop with more fluency and confidence than they’ve ever shown in the past” (Pitchfork). It is warm and precise, raw yet sophisticated–a set of infectious pop songs from either an alternate reality or a paradoxically familiar near-future.


DOUSE New Westminster, BC

Douse is an art rock project from New Westminster, BC. They are often described as a progressive and dark collective, yet their sound still feels lush and somehow natural. Its three members share diverse influences, and the result is a balance between sharp guitars, orchestral ambiance and unconventional percussion. This contrast creates a stunning atmosphere that has been described as “devastatingly beautiful” and “deeply introspective; brooding and elevated by emotive, cinematic soundscapes” (The Revue).



Known for her use of extended techniques, electronic effects, and unconventional uses of the harp, Elisa Thorn has an innovative and unique sound. Combining elements of jazz, pop, experimental and new music, her music moves between contemplative, phrenic, and emotive spaces. HUE uses the abstract paintings of her father, Bruce Thorn, as a basis for composition and improvisation with harp, bass and drums.


FISH & BIRD Canada / US

The brilliant, inventive Canadian indie-folk band Fish & Bird performed at the first ever Campbell Bay Music Fest nine years ago! Now spread from Brooklyn to Toronto to East Van, they’re reuniting for their only show of 2017 at CBMF.



Fronted by composer / arranger Robyn Jacob, Vancouver quintet Only A Visitor is described as “fascinating and singular” (Discorder Magazine), and is redefining West Coast avant-pop music with unique vocal harmonies and asymmetrical grooves. Joined by drummer Kevin Romain, bassist Jeff Gammon, and vocalists Emma Postl and Celina Kurz, the band’s EP Tower Temporary blazes new trails between pop and experimental music. Their first full length album, Lines will be released in June 2017.



With a sound that inhabits the potent realm between folk, prog and pop, Ptarmigan conjures new and familiar worlds, giving voice to the everyday made fantastical. Calling to mind celestial charts, sweeping windstorms, and other-worldly wanderings, these are songs that invite dreamscapes. Ptarmigan is progressive folk at its finest.


QAWSAAN Iraq/Jordan & Palestine

Qawsan (two bows) is a contemporary string duo hailing from the Middle East featuring the violin and the cello in an approach that has never been heard before. Palestinian cellist Naseem Alatrash and Iraqi/Jordanian violinist Layth Sidiq have toured the world together, playing in orchestras and chamber ensembles and right now, as a duo. Their aim is to use the exciting combination of violin/cello and combine different styles of music, shattering stylistic stereotypes through improvisation, original compositions and arrangements.



Founding members of the Red Stick Ramblers and The Pine Leaf Boys – “unquestionably the two groups at the vanguard of the Louisiana cultural renaissance” – have joined together to form The Revelers, a Grammy-nominated Louisiana Supergroup which combines Swamp-Pop, Cajun, Country, Blues and Zydeco into a powerful tonic of roots music that could only come from Southwest Louisiana.



Winnipeg folk/roots duo Roger Roger combines exquisite storytelling with shameless sibling harmonies. Twin singer-songwriters Lucas Roger and Madeleine Roger each play guitar and wholeheartedly embrace their differences, fusing her magnetic sweetness alongside his unruly charm. At times melodic and quirky, lusty and rambunctious, soft and honest, they are quick to enchant with their vocal blend and exceptional songwriting.



Shelder the Electric Clamfish (AKA Michelle Footz) is a multi-instrumentalist and storyteller hailing from Mayne Island, BC and now residing in Halifax, NS. She performs her eclectic-art-folk compositions on accordion and ukulele, drawing inspiration from her travels as a nomadic musician and from historical Canadian legends and folk tales. Shelder has incorporated traditional East Coast music into her own compositions, blending something familiar with something totally new. Having spent the last two years in Atlantic Canada, Shelder is excited to return to Campbell Bay Music Festival!



Lead by one of Bluegrass’ great young genre-bending pioneers, Stash Wyslouch, The Stash! Band features fiddle, guitar, bass and drums playing original music with the raw energy of punk and heavy metal mixed with nutty grooves, melodies and off-the-wall songwriting. “…a shocking revelation”. 


THUS OWLS Montreal, CA

The mesmerizing and dark velvet sounding Thus Owls from Montreal is built around the core of Swedish-Canadian couple Erika and Simon Angell. Simon’s harshly charismatic guitar blends with the urgency of Erika’s vocals to create a sound that bends and stretches their unusual compositions into ever newer and surprising shapes. With soulful adventurousness, pop and folk song forms are refracted through lenses of free noise, punk-rock skronk, and jazz precision.


TOP MEN Nanaimo, BC

Top Men specializes in high-energy performances fusing electronic, dance, and experimental music. In addition to their musical craftsmanship, Top Men has also mounted numerous large-scale multimedia productions featuring actors, dancers, elaborate sets and costumes, and intricate lighting design. The band’s aesthetic is characterized by bizarre humour tempered with dread and wonder at the vastness of the universe.



Guitar: Wise.

Drums: Rad.

“…visceral rawness is quite evident. In fact, TOS elevate grimy blues to a whole ‘nother level.”
Ride The Tempo




FOREST STAGE ARTISTS will be announced soon!

YouTube playlist of 2017 CBMF artists