Mural Painters:


Alison Woodward is an illustrator who explores surreal landscapes and the fantastical creatures that inhabit them. Her work takes the form of drawings, paintings, sculptures, zines and tattoos. Inspired by all creatures, she has a particular fondness for the abject. Her favourite way to travel is by bicycle. Holding a degree from Emily Carr University, she is a full time tattoo artist in Vancouver BC with her partner and beloved dog.



Caitlin McDonagh is a visual artist born and raised on Vancouver Island, and currently resides in Powell River, BC. She creates intricate illustrative works that are deeply inspired by folklore, storytelling, traditions, architecture as well as various real and un-real sources. She works in a base of acrylagouache paints that lend well to her attention to detail, pattern work, and vibrant colours.



Leya Tess makes large scale drawings that swim out into the waters of meditation, cyclical movement and eastern duality. She is currently based on Mayne Island and long walks on the beach with her husky runt, Sundance Kid.



Megan Majewski is a pop surrealist artist who has been featured in prominent galleries around the world.  Over the years, her paintings have graced the walls of Gallery 1988, La luz De Jesus, C.A.V.E. Gallery, and many more.  The dark and beautiful characters in her work evoke human emotions in exquisite surreal detail.  Bringing surrealism and pop culture together creates a dreamlike world that resembles our own. Intricate dreamscapes that blend life with death, and dark mythical characters with a touch of delicate elegance. She paints the odd and beautiful things that come from the dark depths of her mind.



Michelle Williams is a Vancouver based artist of Haida descent. Raised to learn and cherish the traditions of her Haida roots , she sought to break those boundaries using contemporary practices and  keep intact the respectability and importance of  her roots. A lot of her artwork deals with abstracting formline and creating new and interesting ways to construct stories. She’s a strong advocate in showing the issues of aboriginal women, native youth and the colonialism and genocide of first nations people from the government of Canada.



Hello! My name is Valeria Bayona-Otero. I am originally from Bogota, Colombia, but I’m also Canadian, and I currently live in Vancouver, B.C. I love Vancouver since nature is one of my main inspirations and BC if full of it. I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2015, and have since pursued my career as a freelance artist and scenic painter. I hope you enjoy my work!


Installation Artist:



An explorer of unique ideas; Neil is interested in creating large scale installations that alter a person’s perception of what is possible. Currently he is working with established public sculptors, wood architects and robotic engineers. Neil is establishing his own practice which combines RGB lighting with sacred geometry.